Hand Sanitizer Singles

Pocket-sized Disinfectant

In the absence of soap and water, we provide an easy way for you, your family and your community to take measures against the spread of germs. Disposable Hand Sanitizer Pouches are the easiest way to disinfect readily and on-the-go.

Hand Sanitizer Pouches by WNY Made
Hand sanitizer on-the-go

About Us

American Made.
Locally Owned.

The team at WNY Made pursued the distribution of single-use hand sanitizer packets with their families, towns, co-workers, neighbors and friends in mind. Although the global shortage of safe and reliable hand sanitzer may have sparked the idea, disposable and accessible ways of having sanitizer was the goal. 

Our Products

Preventative gel-filled packets

Single-use Sanitizer Icon

Single Packets

Disposable Hand Sanitizer packets in quantities of 75, 250 or 1000. Giving you the power of preventative anti-bacterial distribution. 

Restaurant Reopening Kit by WNY Made

Restaurant Reopening Kit

New times call for new measures. Ensure and alleviate concerns while dining in with WNY Made 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.

Tower Box Dispenser by WNY Made

Tower-box Dispenser

Display your WNY Made Disposable Hand Sanitizer Packets in style; on the counters, alongside a caring message to promote preventative care.

Why Choose Us

Born out of necessity.
Powered by passion.

We believe in the power of passion. And in putting our heads together, we can emerge from change with an entirely new perspective. Encouraged by those who never give up and supported by safe, powerful ingredients we’re proud to support your pursuits in helping maintain public health. 

Locally owned single-use sanitizer


Formula that’s Safe for Everyone

80% Alcohol

As a highly effective disinfectant, that’s notably safe to put on your skin, alcohol’s main job is to break up the outer coatings of bacteria and viruses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using hand sanitizers with a minimum of 60%.


The vehicle for keeping our sanitation packets fresh and easy to apply.

Hydrogen Peroxide

According to the CDC, a concentration of 3% hydrogen peroxide can inactivate rhinovirus — the respiratory virus that primarily causes the common cold — within eight minutes. (Read More)

Sanitizer droplet


Alcohol evaporates quickly—so to combat it’s disappearance, we add this vital substance. In turn, glycerin increases hydrogen bonding and prevents our anti-bacterial agent from breaking down.

Essential Oils

We’re all familiar with those offensive “scented” sanitizers. But our product is specifically designed for FAMILIES! Kids, grandma’s and uncles alike—it’s important to us that on-the-go anti-bacterial prevention is a pleasent experience.

locally owned

Meet Our Team



Orders & Fulfillment

Connect with Jamie after you place an order and throughout the shipping process. She’s your gal if you’ve got questions or need answers.



Fabrication & Production

Behind the scenes and in the factory, Joe’s responsible for our well-balanced hand-sanitizer formula. He works consistently to ensure our product is reliable.



Sales & Marketing

You’ll meet Brian when learning more about WNY Made. He’s a dad with a diverse set of skills, easy to chat with and genuinely down to earth.

Questions? We have answers.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’d love to be part of your endeavor in providing accessible and reliable preventative hand sanitizer to your core audience.